Maximize Your Profits With a Complete Marketing Funnel

If you want to provide the most amount of benefit to the widest range of clients in your niche and maximize your profits, then you need a complete marketing funnel.

What is a marketing funnel, and what makes it complete?

Think of your marketing funnel as a literal funnel that “catches” your clients. Near the top the funnel is wide, this is where the inexpensive low commitment entry level products are. The bottom of the funnel is narrow, in this section you have only a few places available for high contact premium level coaching. Everything else falls somewhere in the middle.

A complete marketing funnel should begin with a free product or service that you provide to a vast number of people. Then when prospects first decide to become clients they naturally purchase a small entry level product to “give you a shot”. cost of clickfunnel Then if they like it they may sign up for your membership website and then decide to attend your training seminar. Eventually if they continue to be impressed with your work they may choose to sign up for an elite one-on-one or small group coaching program.

It’s important that your marketing funnel allows your client to follow their natural inclination to test the waters, take a small risk, and then make more substantial investments as you earn their trust. You should also understand that no matter how great your services are not everyone will buy everything you have to offer. You should have substantially more people purchasing entry level products than signing up for premium coaching services. If that is not the case you are probably either over pricing your entry level products, and under pricing your premium services or both.

Here is an example of a complete marketing funnel
1. Free E-book, audio tutorial and Ezine membership
2. $39 E-book, and downloadable audio and video tutorials
3. $279 print information kit
4. Monthly continuity program, newsletter audio CD and website access $57/mth
5. Seminar event tickets $1497
6. Small group one-on-one coaching $14,000 per year
7. One-on-one coaching $25,000 per year

Your prices will vary depending on your services, your clients and your expertise, but the format can remain relatively similar. The idea is that you want to give people a way for them to naturally progress through your products and services and make sure to cover all different price points and services.

Everyone will not follow the flow of the marketing funnel. Just recently I went from being signed up to someone’s free Ezine to joining her premium one-on-one coaching program. I was confident that I had found what I was looking for and was ready to make the commitment. In this instance I was the exception not the rule, but don’t worry if some of your clients are doing this it doesn’t mean that your marketing funnel is ineffective. Just make sure to keep an eye on your numbers, if your pricing is on and your funnel is complete you should have more people at the top of the funnel and fewer and fewer as you move down it.

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